BBC Franchising (Pty) Ltd is a South African company, based in Johannesburg. There is a growing demand for educational products and systems of international standing.  This has led to the development of an international chain of colleges delivering courseware supported by interactive technology based training products and systems supplied by BBC franchising.

These colleges trade under various brands internationally. All these colleges take advantage of the academic standards, quality and consistency emanating from BBC Franchising. Companies in the United Kingdom as well as the United States of America are utilizing BBC Franchising technology, products and expertise.

All training materials are produced & distributed by BBC Franchising. BBC Franchising has a unique stock system whereby all materials are individually bar-coded which allows for efficient distribution.

BBC Franchising promotes and makes use of the award-winning Integrated Campus Management System (ICAS) which is a system specifically designed to control all aspects of the back-office administration such as accounts, registration, stock control, databases and enquiries.

BBC Franchising aims to export its products, technology, systems & methodology to the UK, USA and throughout Africa.





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